Still the pride of Partner, the powerful chainsaws take on everything from firewood to the thickest tree trunks. Use the controls on the right to view the features.

Double-acting chain brake.
In the event of kickback the chain brake is activated and stops the chain, whether the bar is horizontal or vertical.
Advanced anti-vibration system.
The saw handles are isolated from the engine and cutting attachment, which minimises vibration.
A patent technology that reduces harmful emissions, lowers the fuel consumption and gives you more power.
Soft Start.
Makes it easier to start. Reduces the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40 %
The choke resets when you push the throttle.
Ergonomic design.
The rear handle is ergonomically shaped and all the controls are grouped within easy reach.
Tool-less chain tensioner.
You set the tension by simply turning a knob. Also useful when replacing the chain, as there is no need for tools.


Oil pump.
Adjustable so you can optimise the oil flow to suit the hardness of the wood.
A manual pump which provides the carburettor with fuel and makes it easier to start with fewer pulls.
Electronic ignition.
For easy, reliable starting.
Inlet air is cleaned before it reaches the air filter (coarse particles are separated before they reach the air filter). This improves engine power, reduces fuel consumption and cuts down on filter changes.
Integrated combi-tool.
The combi-tool, used for chain tensioning and other types of service, is integrated in the rear handle.
Magnesium clutch cover.
Magnesium makes the clutch cover more robust and durable. It also adds to the design and feel of the chainsaw.
Tool-less air filter cover.
Makes it easy to clean or change the air filter.

Petrol chainsaws

Electric chainsaws