How do I start my new chainsaw for the first time?

You must read the operating instructions before you assemble or start your new Partner two-stroke engine. Assembling the product can be very difficult, and it is easy to damage the equipment if you don’t follow the correct procedure. The operating instructions also contain important safety information which must always be followed.

1. Fill the fuel tank with the correct fuel mixture.

2. Set the shut-off switch to the “on” position, and apply the choke.

3. Don’t pull the starting cord more than 5–6 times with the choke on. Any more starting attempts with the choke on can flood the engine. Some modern low-emission engines are very quiet, and you can hardly hear the engine start.

4. Shut off the choke after the engine has fired once.

5. Pull the starting cord again and the engine should start.

6. Open the throttle carefully to turn off the fast idle. Equipment started using the choke will begin to rotate even if you have not opened the throttle, because of the fast idle. That is why it is essential that you have the chain brake on when you start your chainsaw.

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