The strong engines of Partner’s many different lawnmowers make sure that both level and sloping lawns are kept green and clean. Use the controls on the right to view the features.

Cutting width.
Choose a lawnmower that fits the size of your lawn. Partner offers cutting widths from the smallest to the widest on the home market.
Steel cutting deck.
With a steel cutting deck it’s no problem if you happen to bump into a tree or a kerb. Steel combines good durability with low weight.
Powerful engine.
The powerful engine and wide cutting deck help you get the job done quickly and effectively – even in a large garden.
Side discharge.
If you don’t want to use a collector, many of the petrol lawnmowers are equipped with side discharge for the cuttings.
High wheels.
Large diameter rear wheels make the mower easier to handle in large gardens and on uneven ground.
Large collector.
Holds up to a full 79 litres, almost twice as much as a standard 40-litre collector, so you don’t need to empty it as often.
Self-propelled drive system that allows you to set your own pace.


The mulching/bioclip system shreds the cuttings into smaller pieces that return to your lawn as fertilizers. This also prevents your lawn from drying out. A deflector for easy conversion to side ejection is included.
Ready Start.
You don’t need any particular strength to get the motor started. One slow pull of the cord is all it takes. No primer is needed.
Easy washing.
A universal hose connector allows you to wash the cutting deck through a simple operation. Attach the hose (not included), turn on the water and start the engine. For best result, clean the deck directly after you’ve finished cutting.